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Little Flyers Childcare Centre


NT Sports and Playground Surfacing were excited when the CEO from Insight Early Learning approved our proposal to design & construct a custom fit out of a Cessna aeroplane and convert it into a safe, engaging play space- challenge accepted! 

During the design phase an old Cessna aeroplane was located and upon inspection with all stakeholders, the plane was purchased and re-located to a metal fabricators warehouse. The Cessna was stripped, and remediation works commenced on strengthening the body and making it compliant to be placed in a child care centre. Design was also underway for the play components. Working closely with Willplay, they designed and manufactured all custom components for the Cessna, including a slide, pommel walk, rope climber, climbing wall, stairs to access inside the cabin, new control panel. 

After fabrication was complete, the Cessna was on the move again to be bought back to new with white spray painting.

Was not long before the Cessna was on its final destination to Little Flyers (its final resting place). The site had been prepped ready for the aeroplane to be craned into position, ensuring it came to rest on the engineered uprights. Assembly of all the play components commenced, with modifications along the way.

Rosehill TPV® rubberised softfall and sand were installed, kerbing, landscaping & irrigation. To finish the area off we installed a water reservoir pump and dry creek bed aligned with synthetic grass.

A Section 40 was issued & post playground audit and impact attenuation surface testing were performed to ensure the playground was safe to open (as there were a lot of budding young pilots who could not wait to fly the plane).

The new play space has been a hit with the children and carers at the centre, and compliments the airport feel flowing throughout the centre.